We continue to refine and improve our connection with our community to provide the wholesome products needed  for our bodies and world. Striving for perfection...  Now and always…

                                                                       NON GMO

                                                                              Sustainably Pasture Raised

                                                                                          No Antibiotics

                                                                                                  No added Hormones

                                                                                                        Bio Diversified

Healthier Meat Locally

Save Time, Money, & Gas

-Buy your meat in Bulk-

There are several options available to you for stocking your freezer with local pasture raised meats from Promised Land Farm.


Beef  (1/4, 1/2, or whole)  

- Purchase the live animal:  $1.50/lb. live weight


- Processed, USDA inspected, cut to your specifications, vacuum packed and frozen:  $6/lb. packaged weight*


Lamb  (1/2 or whole)

- Purchase the live animal:  $1.50/lb. live weight


- Processed, USDA inspected, cut to your specifications, vacuum packed and frozen:  $9/lb. packaged weight*

Chickens (whole)

- Processed, USDA inspected, vacuum packed and frozen

   NON GMO Diet $4/lb. packaged weight* $3.50/lb. packaged weight*       for 15 or more.


   NO Corn/NO Soy Diet: $4.50/lb. pkg. weight*. 

*Additional $3/bird for cut into 1/2, 1/4, or 8 piece. 


Additional costs may be incurred with special packaging or additional processing for any animal.

Fresh Local Produce


Do you want

     Fresh local produce weekly

     To choose what you want each week

      To support local farms and your community

Consider a

-Produce Market Share-

from Promised Land Farm

Similar to the traditional CSA - you share risk with a local farm to weekly enjoy the bounty and benefits of fresh, nutrient rich local produce throughout the season. 

You pick up at the farm or at a local farmers market we attend.

6 items/week 

$250 for the market season (16 flexible weeks June-mid October)

Quantities are very limited, secure your

Market Share with a 25% down payment ASAP.

Preserving amounts are an additional cost and depend on the item. Most preserving amounts must be picked by you. Sign up asap to give us time to plan /prepare the gardens and get the seeds.

 Home Grown Wool Products
We like to make the most of
everything and waste not.
We are pleased to be able to offer a variety of products made from the wool sheared each spring from our sheep.
We use the wool to make
Dryer Balls
and are thrilled to work with skilled professionals who help us turn more of it into
mattress pads,
and socks.
Our sheep are Il de France. They create a delicious lamb and produce a medium wool perfect for felting as well as yarn and wool bats for bedding. 
Come Shop at our Farm Store
While we are still in construction mode, we are pleased to have a store on site where you can come, sit awhile with a cup of coffee and get your meat, eggs, produce (in season), and a number of wool products.  Plus more.....
Open Monday - Wednesday 9am - 9pm
Friday - Sunday 1pm - 9pm
Stop by and see what is available or call/text 218-260-7581 your order ahead and we will do our best to have it ready for you when you arrive. 

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