Includes wool mattress pad, wool comforter, and one standard size wool pillow.
Wool bedding naturally regulates body temperature, is hypoallergenic, is soft, and in naturally fire retardant. It gives you a better night sleep.

Wool Bedding Set - Twin

  • 100% wool filled and requires special laundering care.  Hang your comforter, mattress pad, or pillow in the sun to refresh it.  Sunlight is a natural sanitizer. Airing out on windy days will help keep your woolen bedding fresh and fluffy.

    To wash, fill a tub with warm water and just enough mild detergent. Add the bedding. Soak. Rinse with warm water. If possible, line dry on a windy day.

    NEVER AGITATE! NO Front loading washing machines (you may use a top load machine on SOAK cycle ONLY). NO Automatic dryer. Tumbling in the washer or dryer will shrink your wool and cause it to mat.

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