We have a need to repair an important building that went down in the snow a couple years back. It has been a couple challenging winters without it up and operating. We have done some makeshift things in the meantime. But, our goal is to have it back functioning by this winter. 

It provides shelter to the horses, cows, and calves when the weather is cold and wet and windy. While the animals grow a good winter coat, there and times when they wish to seek more shelter. It is especially important for those just being born or younger ones who don't have the fat and reserves.

If you wish to support what we do in an expanded way, we would invite you to consider this need. Thank you.

Calving & Animal Shelter Rebuild

  • These donations are NOT TAX DEDUCTABLE, but very appreciated. 

    We will begin the projects as soon as we have the money for them.


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